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    Future Grace: Purifying Power of Living by Faith

    In Future Grace, author John Piper helps readers discover the key to overcoming sin and living a life that honors God. Many men and women attempt to walk upright out of gratitude for what Christ did in the past, but Piper encourages believers to look ahead to the grace God provides for us on a day-by-day, moment-by-moment basis--putting faith into action by laying hold of God's promises for the challenges we face. Sever the Root of Sin No one sins out of duty. We sin because we ""want ""to. Sin promises happiness, and we buy the lie. So how can the root of sin be severed in our lives? The ""penalty"" of sin must be paid by the righteous blood of Christ. And the ""power"" of sin must be broken by banking on the promises of Christ. John Piper's meditations are rooted in rock-solid biblical reflection. Chapter by chapter--one for each day of the month--he reveals how, by cherishing the promises of God, you can break the power of anxiety, despondency, covetousness, lust, bitterness, impatience, pride, misplaced shame, and more. ""From the Trade Paperback edition.""

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    Faith Tried and Triumphant: Habakkuk, Psalms

    These messages explore the searing objections of Habakkuk and the psalmists as they confront God with the meaninglessness of global upheaval and personal existence.

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    Evangelism: How The Whole Church Speaks of Jesus

    Warning against the temptation to uncritically embrace the latest evangelistic fad, this book will help churches cultivate a culture of evangelism within the context of community. Part of the9Marks: Building Healthy Churches series.

  • Evangelism & The Sovereignty of God

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    Enjoying God: Finding Hope In The Attributes of God

    Confused, angry, and hurt after the death of his father, a young R. C. Sproul began his personal search for ultimate truth with these piercing questions: Who are you, God? And why do you do the things you do? In Enjoying God, readers journey with R. C. Sproul to discover the attributes of God through the questions many of us have asked: Where are you, God? Can I trust you, God? and more. In this warm, personal account, Dr. Sproul communicates deep truths in a fresh and easy-to-understand style as he shares his passion to know God and urges the reader to dig deep and seek the God who is alive, who is real, and who loves each one of us.

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    Cross, The: God's Way of Salvation

    Time-tested sermons about the redemptive act of Christ's crucifixion. Lloyd-Jones' classic expository style will encourage clergy, exhort believers and challenge new Christians.

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    Courage to be Protestant, The: Reformation Faith in Today's World

    On retrieving historic Protestant faith today At its heart, the Protestant Reformation was about a deep, doctrinally shaped faith centered on God and his Word. But that historic, substantive faith is not faring so well in our contemporary Western (post-Christian) context. In his 2008 book_The Courage to Be Protestant_, David Wells issued a summons to return to the historic faith, defined by the Reformation_solas_(grace, faith, and Scripture alone) and by a high regard for doctrine. In this thoroughly reworked second edition, Wells presents an updated look at the state of evangelicalism and the changes that have taken place in the last decade. On the cusp of the Protestant Reformation's 500th anniversary, there is no better time to hear Wells's clarion call to reclaim the historic, doctrinally serious Reformation faith in our fast-paced, technologically dominated, postmodern culture.""

  • The Conviction to Lead